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Digitization - what will change

Digitization concerns everyone regardless of whether they are in the B2C or B2B sector. Former analog processes within traditional media will be replaced or complemented by mobile and digital solutions. The basis of digitization is a new view of data in many cases. Keeping track of the digital transformation of processes and organization and making the right decisions has become a new management discipline.

Multichannel – of course, but how?

Multi- or omnichannel has been a much discussed topic in recent months. It is clear that customers exercise their right to freely choose their preferred purchasing and information channels , while also expecting a consistent company image. To ensure this happens companies are now being asked to adapt and this, in turn, means a change that doesn’t stop either the process or organizational structures. The system world is already affected. We develop individual solutions with you.

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Development planning - how everything interacts

Processes, products and services as well as professional areas of expertise together with differing roles belong to every organization. But is the daily business being optimally supported by applications, software solutions, infrastructure or IT services? Is support assured in the medium to long term and are there plans for further developments? The IT development plan visualizes supporting the business through IT.

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Consulting – finding the right balance

"As well as" is a popular phrase that is often used when employing consultants. But when does using consultants make sense and how much external support is necessary? The answer depends greatly on the needs and capacities of the customer. Product Information Management (PIM), e-commerce and architectural projects can range from two days to two years in duration depending on the type of project , the degree of existing experience and how much time is available to the customer. The aim for the customer should always be to become as independent as possible as soon as the consultant has departed.

Software selection – finding the right system for you

Software selection plays an essential role in multichannel architectures. The complete list of all possible kinds of features is less in demand than the perfect fit for IT strategy and targeted development. If the components and functional environments are geared to the future processes, the foundations for a successful system implementation in product information management (PIM), e-commerce and general corporate architecture are created.

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Standard software or individual development

"We are special" – is the basis on which some companies justify that only developing their own solutions is the best approach for them. That may be true. However, standard software offers have developed and improved significantly for both PIM and e-commerce with the greater flexibility and performance now being able to perfectly match the IT strategy for many companies. The cloud or Software-as-a-service solutions (SaaS) that are increasingly being offered are also interesting options. However, a final evaluation should only take place after the requirements analysis and software selection.

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